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Under the Rainbow


Spain, 2010, 35 mm, color, 104’

DIRECTOR:Jon Garaño, José María Goenaga
SCREENPLAY:Jon Garaño, José María Goenaga
EDITING: Raúl López
MUSIC:Pascal Gaigne
CAST:Zorion Eguileor, José Ramón Argoitia, Ane Gabarain
PRODUCER:Xabier Berzosa
2010 San Sebastian Film Commission Award, “Sebastiane 2010” Award
2010 Hamburg (Queer) Audience Award
2010 Internacional D’Arras Special Jury Mention, Audience Award
2010 Meziprata (Queer) Best Feature Film
2010 Amsterdam (LGTB) Audience Award, Senior’s Jury Award
2010 Torino (GLBT) Special Jury Mention

Fifty years after their first kiss, a worldly, urban, out lesbian, and a repressed rural housewife meet by chance. On the first day, each is visiting a comatose man in hospital. Amid confusion and joy, they confront old and new feelings for each other. These women are old and might have been made cute, comical, and sentimental, but the film gives us beautiful, humorous, and real.

We glimpse Maite and Axun as fresh, light-hearted schoolgirls in the past, while their renewed ‘will-they or won’t-they’ relationship develops against the backdrop of Spain’s Basque country and the city of San Sebastian. The slow unwinding of this romance also reveals the extent to which our lives fill up over time, and how, with age, the space and difference between tragedy and comedy becomes a very fine line.

‘For 80 Days’ is probably the first Basque-language lesbian romance movie, and is showing at many international as well as gay and lesbian film festivals. Some reviewers, however, using words like “furtive” and “frumpy” reveal deep discomfort with life. Several strong performances in this film help to overcome this relentless resistance to women of age.

The short films made by Jon Garaño have won over 90 prizes and his TV documentaries have been broadcast in over 15 countries. José Marí Goenaga has co-written and co-directed animated features and documentaries. Both directors studied cinema at the Basque Sarobe Academy, and in 2001 co-founded the Moriarti production company.

Jon Garaño
2008 FGM
2008 On the line
2005 The Dragon House

José María Goenaga
2007 Lucio
2004 Supertramps
2002 Tercero B


Spain, 2009, 35 mm, color, 123’

DIRECTOR:Roberto Castón
SCREENPLAY:Roberto Castón
EDITING:Iván Miñambres
CAST:Eriz Alberdi, Joxean Bengoetxea, Christian Esquivel
PRODUCERS:José Maria Gonzalo, Fernando Diez, Paulo Guillen
2010 Fringe Report Best Film
2010 Horizontes Marsella Special Jury Prize
2009 Berlin C.I.C.A.E. Award
2009 Toulouse Cinespaña Violette d’Or Award

Aging Basque countryman Ander leads a monotonous life divided between his work at the local bicycle factory and his daily routine around the farmhouse he shares with his elderly mother and his newly engaged sister. When Ander accidentally breaks his leg, the siblings defy their mother’s wishes and hire a Peruvian immigrant named José to help them maintain the farm. The presence of this soft-spoken outsider has an unsettling effect on Ander’s traditional family and circle of lifelong friends. No one, however, is as disturbed as Ander who virulently resists his growing attraction for José, his trusted employee and friend. Set against the expansive Basque countryside and featuring a stellar cast of regional actors, Roberto Castón’s character-driven debut film is a heartbreakingly human portrayal of contemporary rural gay life. With distant echoes of ‘Brokeback Mountain’, ‘Ander’ is a deliberately-paced story of a man coming to terms with his solitude and sexuality amid a conservative society’s stumbling attempts to recast its values in modern times.

He was born in La Coruña Spain, in 1973. After studying Spanish philology at the University of Santiago de Compostela he became a Spanish language professor in Lisbon. He then decided to study film in Barcelona. A passion for film, and an advocate for the gay and lesbian community, Castón put the two together to create, what is now Bilbao’s Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Since its birth in 2004, Castón continues to be the festival director.


FRANCE-ALGERIA, 2010, 35 mm, color, 80’

DIRECTOR:Amor Hakkar
EDITING:Juliette Kempf
CAST:Amor Hakkar, Samir Guesmi, Marina Vlady
PRODUCER:Florence Bouteloup

He was born in 1958 in the Aures area in Algeria. He initially studied science and then discovered his passion for cinema and writing. He made a short film and then a feature, ‘Sale temps pour un voyou’. In 2001, he wrote a novel called ‘La Cite des fausses-notes’ which also won several awards.


Portugal-France, 2009, 35 mm, color, 133’

DIRECTOR:João Pedro Rodrigues
SCREENPLAY:João Pedro Rodrigues, Rui Catalão
EDITING:Rui Mourão, João Pedro Rodrigues
CAST:Chandra Malatitch, John Jesus Romão, Ivo Barroso
PRODUCER:Maria João Sigalho
2010 Buenos Aires (Festival of Independent Cinema) Best Film
2009 Mezipatra (Queer) Best Feature
2009 SPA/RTP Best Feature Film

‘To Die Like a Man’ narrates the story of an aging drag star. Tonia is determined to change her gender, under pressure from her younger friend Rosário. However, her religious convictions hinder her final resolution. Her relationship with the unbalanced youngster is proving to be destructive for her; and on top of that, she discovers that she is seriously ill. Not willing to face these problems, she compels Rosário to set out together on a trip to his old home, a place he no longer knows how to find. Lost in the magical woods, adventure unfolds, which neither of them expect. The film’s cinematography is influenced by Rainer Fassbinder’s aesthetics and premiered this year at Cannes.

He was born in Lisbon in 1966. He interrupted his studies in ornithology to attend the ESTC Film School in Lisbon, where he earned a degree in 1989 before going on to work as an assistant director and film editor. His two previous feature-length films, ‘O Fantasma’ and ‘Odete’, have garnered numerous awards on the festival circuit.


Germany, 2011, HDCam, color, 94’

DIRECTOR:Sabine Bernardi
SCREENPLAY:Sabine Bernardi
CINEMATOGRAPHY:Moritz Schultheiß
EDITING:Renata Salazar Ivancan
MUSIC:Roland Appel
CAST:Rick Okon, Maximilian Befort, Liv Lisa Fries
PRODUCERS:Kristina Löbbert, Janna Velber
2011 Rainbow Honolulu Best Feature
2011 Oslo (Gay & Lesbian) Queer Youth Award

“Transgender radically altered my view of identity. As a result, in ‘Romeos’ I wanted to tell of the courage of a young person attempting to live what he feels he needs. Uppermost for me it concerns, emotionally, the longings and needs to be happy as a person. In this way ‘Romeos’ is a love story, humorous throughout and at times a little cheeky but also forwarding the view that the identity of a person resides within their own self. – Sabine Bernardi”

20-years-old Lukas is right in the midst of male puberty – medically triggered – for he was in fact born a girl. Full of the zest for life, he enters big-city life but even upon arrival encounters a major screw up: recruited for his community service he is the only male quartered in the female nurses’ residential hall. What would be a dream for any other boy is acute, everyday stress for Lukas: being transgender means always finding yourself trapped in the wrong social compartment. Fortunately his best friend Ine sticks by him and sweeps him into the scene of homosexuals in Cologne, where she is very well integrated. Here Lukas experiences his first real flirt – with the cheeky, daredevil and outwardly attractive Fabio. Fabio embodies all that Lukas lacks: disproportionately positive self-confidence and highly erotic masculinity. But Lukas, whose female attributes are still unaltered, is just about to express his desires. The initial attraction between the two boys gradually develops – until Fabio accesses the secret of Lukas’s identity when suddenly all are compelled to risk something for their feelings. ‘Romeos’ dares to give a most unusual insight into the subject of transgender and humorously and cheekily sets out to do away with conventional thoughts on such roles. It is a film about love, friendship and a quite remarkable sexual awakening.

She studied politics and worked as an assistant film director. In 2005, she completed her studies on film directing at the International Film School of Cologne (IFS). From then on she has worked as a freelance author and director and continues to be engaged in youth work.


France, 2011, 35 mm, color, 82’

DIRECTOR:Céline Sciamma
SCREENPLAY:Céline Sciamma
CAST:Zoé Heran, Malonn Lévana, Jeanne Disson
PRODUCER:Bénédicte Couvreur
2011 Berlin Teddy Jury Award
2011 Philadelphia (Gay & Lesbian) Jury Prize
2011 San Francisco (Gay & Lesbian) Audience Award
2011 Torino (Gay & Lesbian) Best Feature Film

“Childhood is often referred to as the age of innocence. But I think it’s a time of life full of sensuality and ambiguous emotions.  I wanted to portray that.”Céline Sciamma

Laure is 10 years old. Laure is a tomboy. On her arrival in a new neighborhood, she lets Lisa and her crowd believe that she is a boy. Truth or dare ? Dare.Summer becomes a big playground and Laure pretends to be Michael, a boy like the others… different enough to get the attention of Lisa who falls in love with him. Laure takes advantage of her new identity as if the end of the summer would never reveal her unsettling secret.

Sciamma brings a light and charming touch to this contemporary coming-of-age story, which is also about relationships between children, children and parents, and the even more complicated, one between one’s heart and body.

She was born in 1978 and grew up in the Paris suburbs. After a master’s degree in French literature, she followed screenwriting courses at the French film school La Femis. She shares her work between collaborations with directors and writingfeature and television projects.

Selected Filmography
2010 Ivory Tower
2007 Naissance des pieuvres


3 / DREI
Germany, 2010, 35 mm, color, 104’

EDITING:Mathilde Bonnefoy
MUSIC:Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek, Reinhold Heil, Gabriel Mounsey
CAST:Sophie Rois, Sebastian Schipper, Devid Striesow
PRODUCER:Stefan Arndt
2011 German Film Award Best Direction, Supporting Actress, Editing

Tom Tykwer returns to his native Germany for this witty and surprising examination of a love triangle. He starts by introducing Hanna, a Berlin doctor and television host, whose mind is always racing in several directions at once, and her partner of 20 years, Simon, a focused art engineer. The two have tried to conceive without success, and have built their life around a love for art. One night, by chance, Hanna ends up at the theater with Adam, a research scientist, and feels a spark. While Hanna keeps running into him, Simon struggles with the loss of a loved one and a serious medical diagnosis. Then he meets Adam during an evening swim, and events take an unexpected turn due to his similar attraction to this seductive character. ‘3’, which has competed in Venice last year, nourishes with Tykwer’s humor and brings a different taste to contemporary urban life, where multi-partner relationships are of a second nature, without taking a moralist stand, and maybe even being liberating.

Director, screenwriter, producer and also composer. He was born in 1965 in Wuppertal, Germany. Early on, he discovered his own interest in film and worked for years in various cinemas, as a projectionist and programmer before making his first feature ‘Deadly Maria’ in 1993.

Selected Filmography
2010 Soul Boy
2009 The International
2006 Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
2006 Paris Je T’aime
2002 Heaven
1998 Run Lola Run


Argentina, 2011, DCP, color, 90’

DIRECTOR:Marco Berger
EDITING:Marco Berger
MUSIC:Pedro Irusta
CAST:Carlos Echevarría, Javier De Pietro, Antonella Costa
PRODUCER:Mariano Contreras
2011 Berlin Teddy Award

“The film’s unique combination of homoerotic desire, suspense and dramatic tension reflects the director’s keen understanding of genre conventions and cinematic language. As the most intriguing, cutting-edge film in the selection, the jury considers that Ausente celebrates the spirit of the Teddy Award.”

Martin hurts his eye during his swimming class. Sebastian, his coach, takes him to the hospital. On their way out, Sebastian offers Martin a ride home. As he was supposed to spend the night at a friend’s house, there would be no one expecting him home. Sebastian will take charge of the student, though unaware of his true intentions. The Hitchcockian suspense is well maintained and underpinned by a striking score, making Berger a welcome addition to the growing ranks of notable Argentinean directing talents.

He was born in 1977 in Argentina and studied at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires. In 2008, he directed his first short film, ‘A Last Will’. ‘Plan B’, which he directed in 2009, was his first feature, dealing with the issues around relationships and sexuality.

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