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Queerly Canadian Points Of View

‘Queerly Canadian Points of View’ is a two-part program saluting the voices of queer identified persons from across Canada. What makes these stories more interesting is how they remind us how diverse the queer community truly is both in race, politics, ability, gender, age, and sexual orientation.


CANADA, 2009, DVD, color, 43’

EDITING:Nick Hector
MUSIC:Trevor Yuile, Joseph M. Colero
PRODUCER:Jennifer Holness

“In some ways ‘Badge of Pride’ is a look at how theory and spin play out in reality. But to its core, ‘Badge of Pride’ is a very human story about acceptance, courage and faith. This is a universal story that all viewers can appreciate – we are all citizens who sometimes fear, admire and need the badge.” – Min Sook Lee

‘Badge of Pride’ is a documentary that looks at the lives of gay cops in Toronto; cops who are out, cops who are closeted, and cops who are somewhere between the closet and the cruiser. Shot in Toronto, ‘Badge of Pride’ looks at how queer cops in Canada’s largest police force deal with being gay in a profession that has traditionally been perceived as anti-gay. The storyline revolves around four main characters that have each developed different coping strategies. For each of the characters, being gay has shaped their professional path. Director Min Sook Lee spent over a year following policing issues in her award-winning documentary ‘Hogtown’. During that time she secured extraordinary access to insiders within the police force. Will the force be with you if you’re gay?

She is a writer, broadcaster and documentary film director/producer.
Min Sook premiered her latest documentary, My Toxic Baby at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival. She will also see the release of her first dramedy series She’s the Mayor!, co-created with Jen Holness and Sudz Sutherland on Vision TV in 2010.


CANADA, 2008, DVD, color, 8’

DIRECTOR:Melisa Brittain, Danielle Peers
SCREENPLAY:Melisa Brittain, Danielle Peers
EDITING:Melisa Brittain, Danielle Peers
PRODUCERS:Melisa Brittain, Danielle Peers

A satirical exploration of how co-filmmaker Danielle Peers navigates between the social expectations of able-bodiedness and disability. Through a dramatic “CRIP Awards” ceremony, an info-mercial-style guide to survival, and a touching testimonial from a recovering inspiration addict, ‘G.I.M.P Boot Camp’ uses humour to deconstruct the stereotypes of disability.

Melisa Brittain was born in Toronto in 1963, and currently lives, teaches and creates collaborative video art in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Danielle Peers is a graduate student, public speaker, Paralympian, activist and video artist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


CANADA, 2010, DVD, color, 29’

SCREENPLAY:Ryan Firestone, C.J. Fung, Rainbow Hunt, Wayne Koltchigin, Josh Palmer, Romeo Pierre, Tyson Prudy Smith, Ruby Rowan, Skyler Siao, Tess Vo
EDITING:Jasper Hitchcock
MUSIC:Ian Desouza, Rosina Kazi, Nic Murray
2010 Madrid (LGBT) Best Short Documentary
2010 Inside Out Special Citation

“Hope is an essential human need just as much as food or air or water or shelter.” – From the movie

‘Our Compass’ tells the previously unheard stories of a group of young, queer-identified Torontonians who are also labeled as having intellectual disabilities. This diverse group comes together at COMPASS- a social group created for LGBTQ youth where these youngsters are offered support, a social network, and a safe place to explore their identities. The participants engage in topics such as dating, sex, gender queerness and bisexuality, while the chosen family at COMPASS prepares for a professional portrait that will showcase the feature of their identities that they are most proud of.

Tess Vo is the co-founder of New Viewpoints Media, an independent production company focused on developing and producing films for educational distribution. Her work primarily explores themes of social justice through the use of embedded media.


CANADA, 2010, DVD, color, 11’

DIRECTOR:Jim VanDeventer
SCREENPLAY:Jim VanDeventer
CINEMATOGRAPHY:Patrick J. Monaghan, Carl Meadows, Meg Andronowska, Roger Chin, Jim VanDeventer
EDITING:Jim VanDeventer
MUSIC:Kevin MacLeod

The gay community is at ground zero of the modern day civil rights struggle; Proposition 8 is today’s Stonewall and a declaration of war from the far right. Melancholy and contempt were strong motivators when I began this project. Little did I know that, by the end of the day, we would be celebrating freedom.” –
Jim VanDeventer

This short documentary chronicles the stories of four same-sex couples who have immigrated to Canada where their relationships are fully recognized. Their dreams of returning home are still in the distant future. Until then, they live their love in exile.

He has worked on critically acclaimed documentaries to technically ambitious ventures such as a 3D movie and music videos. Although he is a relatively fresh face to the film scene, a masterful command of the visual narrative has already earned him numerous awards. He is a graduate of the Art Institute of Vancouver and professional editor with a social conscience.

2010 – Love Exiled
2005 – It Came from Uranus!
2005 – Radical! (The Art Institute)

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