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Queer Lisboa 22 Awards

Queer Lisboa 22 – International Queer Film Festival (14-22 September 2018) announced the winners of the Feature Film Competition, Documentary Competition, Short-Film Competition, In My Shorts Competition – which awards the Best School Film -, Queer Art Competition and the audience awards. In this edition of Queer Lisboa, Pink Life QueerFest director Esra Özban was a part of Documentary Competition Jury.

Credit: And Breathe Normally

Queer Lisboa 22 offered a festival week with more than 120 films and many exciting events to its audience and closed this years edition with a ceremony announcing the award winners. The Feature Film Competition Jury elected Marilyn (Argentina, Chile, 2018) by Martín Rodríguez Redondo as the Best Feature Film of Queer Lisboa 22. The jury defined the film as “A debut feature, with a language that is never manipulative, this is a realist gaze which presents us a portrait of an overwhelming society. Lost from its very beginning, a battle of beauty and horror where the sole liberation is through a never-ending tragedy.”  The Documentary Competition Jury gave the award for Best Documentary to the film Room for a Man (Lebanon, USA, 2017), directed by Anthony Chidiac who “bravely invites the audience into his room in Beirut and expresses intimate conflicts with an elaborate cinematic language”. The Best Short Film Award went to Would You Look At Her (Macedonia, 2017), directed by Goran Stolevski for its shark and darkly absurd comedy narrative of a queer teenager who breaks with convention and comes out on top.

The winner of ‘In My Shorts Competition’, which includes 15 films produced in by the students of film schools in Europe throughout the year, is Mathias (Austria, 2017), directed by Clara Stern. The jury underlined the dramaturgical and technical strength of the film as well as its success in never reducing its trans character to the stereotypical trans representations.

The Queer Art Competition Jury decided to give the Award for ‘Best Queer Art Film’ to My Own Private Hell (Brazil, 2018) “for its visual and poetic narrative which transcends the theatrical dimension and above all celebrates its protagonists, highlighting their tenderness, vulnerability, and courage”.

For the full list of Queer Lisboa 22 Awards: http://queerlisboa.pt/en/article/blog/queer-lisboa-22-awards

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Queer Lisboa 22 Awards

Queer Lisboa 22 – International Queer Film Festival (14-22 September 2018) announced the winners of the Feature Film Competition, Documentary Competition,...

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